Hi, my name is James. I’m currently a Senior UI Technical Designer at PlayStation, working on MLB: The Show. Previously I shipped the AAA titles NBA Live 18, Madden 19, Madden 20, Madden 21 and Madden 22 at EA as an Experience Technical Designer. I graduated from the University of Central Florida studying Digital Media – Game Design in 2015. I was one of the founders and officers of the “GameDev Knights” game development club at UCF, the second largest school in the nation. I have game development experience using Flash, Unity, Frostbite, and Unreal Engine 4.  
I've been a gamer all my life and am passionate about the video games industry. UI has always been a great interest of mine, not just in games, so it was an obvious choice for me to pursue professionally. I aim to be an advocate for the player, creating great user experiences in the games I work on. My goal is to create UI that I'm not only proud of, but that I would love using as a player.
My personal interests beyond games include all kinds of media- I love music and catching all the latest movies. I'm also a foodie, finding great local places to eat is very important to me. Desserts are especially of interest, so if you know a good place for me to try, let me know! 
If you'd like to speak with me about anything, feel free to use the contact box below. Thanks for taking the time to explore my portfolio website!
Thank you!