As the Lead UI Technical Designer for MLB The Show I am responsible for the yearly reskin of the front end UI as well as implementation of new features. I also oversee a team of 6 UITDs and growing. I take point during the hiring process and identify the best candidates to interview, interview them, and collect feedback from other team members. I train new team members on our proprietary UI Editor, mentor through recurring 1:1 meetings, and review work that is checked into the game.
Another responsibility I have at Sony is to identify ways to improve our workflow. We have hundreds of screens in the game and my process improvements have led to our yearly reskin going much faster than in the past. I work closely with the UI Editor team and propose new features for the engine. If the feature is a large one, I will also write a design for how it could best be implemented from a UITD perspective. Based on the requirements of upcoming feature work I prioritize the tech debt backlog.
I do also skin screens as time allows. Below you will find screenshots of the new Amateur Draft feature in MLB The Show 23, which I owned the UI implementation of. I worked with the UI Artist to ensure pixel perfect implementation. I also collaborated with the Programmer to agree to a data contract and ensure all functionality in the wireframes was feasible.
Scouting Big Board Screen
Amateur Draft Screen
Player Card Screen

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