At EA Games I worked on the AAA title NBA Live 18 as a UI Scripter. I collaborated with a large interdisciplinary team to ensure a high level of quality for UI centric game modes, designed and scripted functionality for intuitive interfaces using Flash, ActionScript, and XML. I was primarily focused on screens and elements in the game modes “Franchise” and “The League”.
This is the Franchise mode Draft screen. I was solely responsible for skinning and scripting the UI of this screen, including the HUD in the top right. The HUD animates and changes to update with current information for the pick and round of the draft. The center draft board updates in real time to show picks as they are made. I worked closely with a Software Engineer to ensure data was coming through correctly and being formatted appropriately. The buttons on the left column allow the user to interact and progress through the draft at the speed of their choice.
This is the Team Standings screen. Spreadsheets are important for a sports game like NBA Live and this is just one of many that I worked on. By using a common base and styling I was able to skin these screens very quickly. There was still room for customization on a per screen basis if needed, such as the legend in the bottom left overlaid on the team logo.
This is the static version of the contract screen, there is also a dynamic version where the left side properties become editable toggles. I scripted and skinned both states of the screen. The toggles affect the graph in real time so you can see how your choices change the contract you offer. The graph component had not been used in many years, and not by anyone who worked at EA at the time. I was able to clean up and modernize the old code, while also skinning it to match the mock for the screen.
This is the conversation screen. This screen was an important new highlight feature for the game so I collaborated with several other UI Scripters. It’s the first time that the game has had pseudo-3D UI and I was able to bug fix many issues that came along with that. I also worked with the audio team to implement a variety of sound effects.

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